Can You Stomach Us?

The Can You Stomach Us? cassette was the 1st release by Haggis.  Most of the songs were recorded in my neighbor's apartment on his 6-track cassette deck.  He was inexperienced with mixing and didn't do a great job.  I still have the original 6-track cassette, but I don't have a deck to play it on.  The other songs were recorded at the Crazy Horse on 9/24/91 when an engineer from a local studio rented the place out, brought in a DAT, and recorded some bands.  There was no audience.  The standout track on this thing has to be Dancing Queen, and I'm sorry we never recorded a studio version of it.  Other than that track, I wouldn't bother downloading this stuff unless you have nothing better to do.

Can You Stomach Us? Front Cover

(some copies of the j-card were orange, and some blue)

1. All My Life ()
2. Winter ()
3. Soul of Dirt ()
4. Play Along ()
5. Barbed Wire ()
6. Homo Rodeo ()
7. Billboard Satan ()
8. Dancing Queen* ()
Can You Stomach US? Inset Card

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