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Note: This site is no longer updated. I'll be moving all interesting stuff to sooner or later

Welcome to the Screwball Punk Page, formerly known as the Boise Punk Page. Why the change? Because I've moved to Santa Cruz, CA. I'm not sure what all will be on this page, as I'm still getting settled in to my new home. For the most part, at least for know, this will be the place to find my latest columns for 10 Things Jesus Wants You to Know fanzine, Maximum RocknRoll, etc. as well as a place to tell you about the stuff I'm involved with.

A quick bit about me: My name is Mark Hanford and I was heavily involved in the Boise Punk scene for 15 or so years, but recently I decided to pick up and start over in Santa Cruz, California. That's where I am now. I do a lot of writing for various magazines, play in a band (Haggis)which is still based out of Boise, and have a small indy record label, all of which you will find more info about on these pages. So, get to it!

New: A discussion board for Santa Cruz punks. Check it out!

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